A country rich not just in oil and gas but also solid minerals and renewable energy sources, Nigeria is building a solid framework for the future.

Join CT Productions, agent for The Economist Group in an exciting conversation on June 23, at 09.50 AM, in a two-panel session hosted by CT Productions’ international team and moderated by The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU), the analysis division of The Economist Group.

The webinar is set to cover the different sectors in the Nigerian economy that are thriving and making waves despite COVID-19 constraints. We will be talking to high stakeholders in the public and private sector looking into Fintech, Finance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Energy, Agriculture, and most importantly Healthcare.

Things are changing fast based on many years of experience. Though other African countries are blessed with natural resources, none match Nigeria in terms of its many years of building impressive local know-how and increasingly serious local content provider.

Source: Techcabal.com | June 17, 2021